And to build different products those facilitate privacy improvements. Although most people think Bitcoin is anonymous, in reality, it is the opposite. The technology’s core feature is transparency, since all the transactions are recorded on a public ledger, called the Blockchain.

This means that, with some effort, the whole transaction history of an individual can be
traced back by any malicious actor.

Taking all these into consideration, our mission is to provide Bitcoin users the tools to keep
their financial activity private.

zkSNACKs’ first privacy oriented product is a desktop Bitcoin wallet, called the Wasabi Wallet. Its different from the ordinary wallets with a special feature that can make Bitcoin transactions untraceable.

To find out more about this wallet please visit its website: wasabiwallet.io

  • Roadmap and future development ideas

    • As soon as Wasabi Wallet is available for users we won’t stop its development. We have the following main new features in mind to develop in the near future.
    1.      1. Lightning network integration
    2.      2. Direct privacy focused transactions
    3.      3. Radically new, visualized user experience
    4.      4. Revising DoS protection with ticketing system
    5.      5. Support Android and iOS


    The order of the above feature ideas may vary upon success of the wallet. As soon as we see the actual need and demand for new features we will set up a detailed roadmap.


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Gergely Hajdu

Co-Founder, CEO

Balint Harmat

Co-Founder, CEO

Adam Ficsor

Co-Founder, CTO

Lucas Ontivero

Lead Engineer