Simple & Powerful Coinjoin API

Enterprises can protect their users' privacy with collaborative Bitcoin transactions.

Privacy is Business as usual

By default, all bitcoin transactions are public and easily traceable by anyone. Yet, businesses and individuals may want to protect commercial and personal interests from the public, as is common in traditional financial services.

As Bitcoin is programmable, its transactions can be made collaborative to protect users from leaking sensitive personal details. That’s exactly what coinjoins do.

Easy Privacy is Hard

Coinjoin implementations are hard to develop and maintain, with many performance, reliability and efficiency quirks.

Companies that want to add powerful and robust privacy features to their bitcoin products, such as wallets, brokers and custodians can do so today without the hassle.

Now available with a simple coinjoin API, collaborative bitcoin transactions are accessible to anyone and anywhere.

A new era for Bitcoin privacy

Over the past five years, running free and open source Wasabi Wallet has shown that coinjoins can bring privacy to a large number of consumers without any tradeoffs on security or sovereignty.
Many Coinjoins per Hour
0.3% Service Fee & Free Remixes
Any Bitcoin Amount Works
250,000+ BTC Since Launch

Benefits of the Coinjoin API

Bitcoin companies and wallet developers enjoy several benefits by integrating the coinjoin API into their operations.

New Revenue Stream

With state-of-the-art privacy features, monetize a high-traffic user base and attract new users to diversify your revenue streams in cyclical markets.

Fast Time to Market

Get up and running in a few weeks on a highly liquid coinjoin coordinator. Deliver high-value and scalable features at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.

Adhere to Privacy Laws

Respect local and regional consumer privacy laws by protecting personal user transaction information.

Low Maintenance

Deploy-and-forget maintenance with a backend infrastructure overhead fully managed by zkSNACKs offering a high uptime.

Reduce Data Breach Risk

Mitigate the impact to your customers in case of data breaches from exchange and brokerage platforms.

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Eligibility Criteria

Businesses and developers who want their Bitcoin products eligible to integrate the coinjoin API may be asked to meet certain technical requirements around network-level privacy, such as using block filters and Tor.
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What industry players are saying

“Coinjoin is an essential piece in the privacy puzzle. Now anyone can reclaim their privacy without compromise on security.”
Hynek Jína, Head of Development
“When the WabiSabi protocol became production-ready, it was a no-brainer for me to build an option to incorporate it.”
Kukks, Software Engineer
“WabiSabi is a scalable, flexible, and anonymous coinjoin protocol. It enables wallets to reclaim the privacy of its users in a tailor made package.”
Max Hillebrand, Contributor

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the API integration work?
We want to understand your product, business and discuss technical requirements prior to onboarding. Then, we cover the commercial terms of the affiliate program, and clarify the project timeline and scope. We will then have a technical kickoff meeting as part of the onboarding process with ongoing support.
Is the API public? If not, how to apply?
What is the affiliate program?
What are the risks of coinjoins in general?
Where can I find case studies of successful integrations?

Get in Touch

If you are interested in learning more about the coinjoin API, please contact us at: